Homeless Management Information System

  • ServicePoint is an HMIS system used to track the homeless in Central Louisiana. This Internet driven service was patterned after a pilot project in Shreveport.
  • ServicePoint links service agencies together through the Internet using a closed intranet system.
  • ServicePoint is now serving all 8 parishes.
  • A total of 12 agencies are actively using the system with an additional 94 agencies and programs listed on ResourcePoint.
  • Agencies can use this system to make referrals and track their clients from agency to agency. It will also allow each agency to collect data necessary to support and obtain grants.
  • ServicePoint is just one more way we are "Building Futures Full of Hope".
  • This program is a region-wide project in collaboration with the Central Louisiana Coalition to Prevent Homelessness.
  • It provides comprehensive case management with state-of-the art technology, client tracking and systematic data collection tools that can be utilized by area agencies of Region VI.