Egg My House

Support Hope House of Central Louisiana as we raise money for the children's program. Order your candy-filled eggs in time to be delivered and placed throughout your yard the day before Easter morning. This can be for your children or just for a good laugh! More importantly, your child will be so excited to wake up on Easter morning and see all the Easter Eggs on the lawn! We will be egging houses in the Alexandria and Pineville area on April 3rd after dark.

Egging Options

  • 40 eggs for $20
  • 80 eggs for $40


  1. Download registration form and deliver completed form to Hope House.
  2. Pay online via PayPal or deliver check to Hope House along with completed registration form.

Deadline: Orders must be placed by March 13, 2021.


Sunday, April 4, 2021 - 6:00am
Your Front Lawn!
Jeanne Davis at 318-487-2061 or